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Trump Claims Credit for NFT Boom


The statement from his lips while hosting a crowd of non-fungible token lovers at his Florida residence shook the whole cryptocurrency market. Trump took advantage of his bold and vocal style to show his support for NFT and snubbed a meme coin that was associated with his political rival, Joe Biden.

Trump’s Views on Crypto Regulation and NFTs

At the gathering, Trump expressed his willingness to openly tolerate digital currencies in terms of what he sees as the present administration’s dislike of them. “I’m good with”it”—he promised the audience that they were his support group for favorable regulation and had to be American innovators in this place.

Answering the question about combating regulatory constraints, he said that, to some extent, this will require reducing the unfriendliness of the crypto industry, which will contribute to the development and prosperity of the country. He believed, “If we are going to coexist with them, we have to guide them to survive here.”

Trump also shared that he played a key role in the NFT market during some critical times, and as a result, the market did regain its momentum through some of his NFT collections, specifically his Mugshot NFTs. The attendees heatedly acclaimed this sentiment with cheers because they had to actually spend sums up to Trump’s Mugshots NFT for a chance to hear it.

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Trump’s Critique of Biden’s Meme Coin

Of all, Trump slammed the “Jeo Boden” (BODEN) meme coins, used by supporters of Biden, for being worth “a lot of money for a token.” Such a comment announced an increase in the BODEN asset by more than 10%. However, in contrast, “Donald Tremp” (TREMP) flooded by 110% right after Trump’s comments, which shot up right after Trump’s comments.

Trump pandered to the crypto community by mocking his foe’s lack of knowledge of crypto in a tongue-in-cheek manner. “I can imagine that if you like cryptocurrency, you should vote for Trump.”

Trump’s Evolving Stance on Bitcoin and Digital Currency

One of the most noticeable aspects of Trump’s crypto engagement is that it is a distinct departure from his previous course of action, where he referred to Bitcoin as a scam in 2021. Still, he supports the industry, but he clearly speaks out in favor of the only U.S. dollar dominance in banking operations, the conventional way. He affirmed that he would veto the existence of a central bank digital currency as long as he held his office.

Trump’s Continuing Legal Battles and Crypto Influence

In the middle of his long-term legal challenges and trials in New York City, Trump’s involvement in the crypto industry is a clear proof of his importance in particular spheres. During his battles with finance authorities, the crypto landscape became another appealing factor to add to his post-presidential activities.

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