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Bitcoin Wallet Revealed: $10M Holdings


A crypto wallet linked to former President and leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds around $10 million worth of assets.

The wallet holds $7.12 million worth of MAGA tokens, known by its ticker according to blockchain data tracker Arkham Intelligence. The MAGA tokens were originally puchased with wrapped ether on Uniswap, Arkham noted.

The wallet also holds 463.441 ETH ($1.84 million) and 1 million tokens of MAGA VP (MVP) valued at around $509,000.

Earlier today, the wallet’s holdings surpassed $10 million and are currently valued at $9.95 million.

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Arkham noted on X that much of the wallet’s value comes from appreciating assets, especially MAGA. The token is trading at $12.43 after experiencing an 8.3% increase in the past day, according to The Block’s Price Page. MVP is worth around $0.48 a token, having dropped 12.7% within the last day, CoinMarketCap price data shows.

With the wallet’s performance, Trump remains the top celebrities in terms of cryptocurrency holdings, surpassing others such as Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon.

Arkham connected the wallet address to the former president using information from his financial statements filed in August 2023.

At the time the connection was made, Trump held nearly $5 million in ETH and had earned $4.9 million in royalties from the Trump Digital Trading Card NFT collection, bringing him to a “crypto whale” status. The wallet sold off $2.4 million worth of ETH in December 2023, The Block previously reported.

At the 2024 Libertarian National Convention on May 25, Trump brought up supporting self-custody rights, banning central bank digital currencies and even freeing the incarcerated Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht — for which Ulbricht expressed gratitude. Despite previously denouncing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Trump noted feeling “positive and open-minded” to the cryptocurrency industry, showing that it is indeed becoming an increasingly political issue.

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