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Trump’s Lawyer Holds Artificial Intelligence Responsible!

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer of the U.S. President Donald Trump, confessed to mistakenly providing legal quotes generated by the Google Bard artificial intelligence chatbot to his lawyer.
In a recent court filing regarding a pending criminal case in which Cohen will testify against Trump, it is stated that Cohen admitted to forwarding legal quotes prepared by Google Bard to his lawyer David Schwartz to support his case.
The filing stated, “The invalid quotes in question, and many other quotes found by Mr. Cohen but not used in the motion, were made by Google Bard, which Mr. Cohen misunderstood as a productive artificial intelligence service like Chat-GPT but is, in fact, an enhanced search engine.”
However, it was claimed that Cohen is not an active legal expert, and the information was only relayed to his lawyer. It was suggested that the information should be reviewed before being included in official court documents.
“Mr. Cohen is not a practicing attorney, and he has no idea about the risks of using artificial intelligence services for legal research, and he has no ethical obligation to verify the accuracy of his research,” the statement emphasized. Further examination was highlighted.
In summary;
Mr. Cohen provided Mr. Schwartz with quotes he found on the internet and believed to be true. Mr. Schwartz included them in the motion, but he couldn’t verify these quotes or summaries.”
This is not the first instance where an attorney’s reliance on artificial intelligence has been exposed, revealing not only trust in AI but also the realization of producing inaccurate results. Earlier this year, attorney Steven Schwartz from the New York law firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman faced criticism for using AI to generate fake court quotes.

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