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Turkey’s Plans of Regulating Crypto

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Following the statements of Turkey‘s Economy Minister Mehmet Şimşek in the past weeks, new information on crypto regulations came from Ömer İleri, Ak Parti Information and Communication Technology Chairman.

AK Party Deputy Chairman Ömer İleri stated that they continue to work to become one of the leading countries in crypto regulations. İleri stated that they want to take a concrete step in crypto regulations with the bill to be submitted to the parliament after the local elections on March 31. İleri stated that crypto assets are important in Turkey and that the country is working on legal regulations to move forward in this field.

Emphasizing that 10 million people currently have crypto asset accounts in Turkey, İleri emphasized the necessity of regulation in this field and said, “It is expressed by everyone that there is a need for regulation. We are also working in this direction. Work continues in our parliamentary group.”

Stating that the main purpose of the regulation is to bring a legal framework to this field, İleri said, “Our aim is to pave the way for Turkey and protect our citizens. We are trying to provide a delicate balance.”

AK Party Deputy Chairman İleri said that they have been closely following blockchain technologies for a long time and that they are working to make Turkey one of the leading countries in this field.

Stating that the regulation will make basic definitions about the crypto area and create a basic framework, İleri said, “We are creating a flexible infrastructure. The details will be implemented with secondary regulations when necessary in the following processes.”

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Stating that they received the opinions of the stakeholders in the sector and a good regulation emerged, İleri said, “We listened to the processes that the sector thought were not understood in the past and reflected their demands in the proposal.”

Making statements about ensuring the security of crypto asset owners, İleri said, “Our main problem is to provide a balance between protecting the investor and paving the way for the sector within the framework of fairness. We are working to solve this dilemma.”

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