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Union Labs Aims to Build a Bridge Between Polygon and Cosmos


Union Labs, a force in blockchain interoperability, has announced plans to build a bridge between Polygon and Cosmos with its AggLayer technology. This building move bolstered the 4 million items it raised following its successful fundraising round in November.

AggLayer, a decentralized service introduced by Polygon Labs earlier this year, facilitates the continuous sharing of liquidity across interconnected networks. Union Labs’ decision to merge with AggLayer comes on an important note to strengthen the ties between Polygon and the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem, defined by Ethereum scaling pacing solutions, specifically using the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).

With this integration, a new realm of liquidity accessibility and fluidity continues to emerge between AggLayer-connected chains and IBC-enabled blockchains. Through these symbiotic relationships, Union Labs aims to create a trustless, fluid and fast transaction process, increasing convenience and minimizing latency, as highlighted in the latest press release.

Karel Kubat, the visionary mind of Union Labs, expressed excitement for this milestone, emphasizing their shared determination to combat the fragmented elements of blockchains while both entities maintain their individual sovereignty. With Union Labs scheduled to be available on the mainnet later this year, the stage is set for further innovation and collaboration where blockchain interoperability exists.

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