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USA March Inflation Expectancies and Bitcoin

Fed, Inflation, Bitcoin

Bitcoin managed to rise over $69.000 over the weekend, and what will happen next week is starting to be questioned. The USA’s March inflation rate will be announced this week, and it is expected to affect the prices of crypto currencies.

March CPI Might Damage the Interest Rate Expectations

The first two months’s inflation came out as expected, and the CPI in the USA in March 2024 will be announced this week. If it comes higher than expected, interest rate cut expectations might be harmed, affecting Bitcoin’s uptrend negatively.

However, if the inflation rate in March 2024 comes out lower than expected, interest cut expectations will amplify, supporting the uptrend of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin vivified its uptrend this weekend after Genesis’s $2.1B worth of purchase. If March CPI supports the interest cut expectations, it is expected to strengthen the uptrend before expected halving in April 20th.

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