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Vijay Chetty Named CEO of Eclipse Labs Amid Misconduct Allegations


Eclipse Labs has inform the world the leaders in the firm change because Vijay Chetty, the firm’s chief growth officer, will be the Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Just a few days after the founder, Neel Somani left the organization, due to the recent charges of sexual misbehavior that were made against him.

Allegations and Response

On May 9, Neel Somani announced on X (ex Twitter) that he was temporarily off the market for public duties at the Eclipse labs as a result of sexual misconduct allegations. Somani denied all the allegations with a defiant gesture, declaring, “I have never sexually assaulted or harassed any woman and will work restlessly and courageously to show the world that I am innocent.”

Opposing the accusation, Eclipse Labs published a declaration stressing the need for truthful statements and the gravity of such matters to their development idea. Nevertheless, the firm failed to share the primary factors as regards Somani’s leave in its formal announcement that was done on May 16.

Investor Reaction and Support

Hack VC, one of most large investors behind Eclipse Labs, also went on to convey its serious worries of all of these allegations. The venture fund, which led $50 million Series A financing round for Eclipse in March, said, “We are quite appalled by the serious allegations made recently against Eclipse founder Namel Somani “.

Hack VC further clarified its stance on the matter, asserting, “We do not tolerate sexual harassment or misconduct in any form at Hack VC, and we hold our founders and portfolio companies to the same high standards. To be perfectly clear: thus, the firm, too, had urged Manohar Somani’s resignation, after which a new leader was appointed.

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Vijay Chetty’s New Role

Vijay Chetty is a very professional person who tentatively bears a track-record that comes along with the appointment as a CEO of Eclipse Labs. A very good example is before joining Eclipse. He had previously indicated a clear leadership of great companies in the blockchain sector which are the Uniswap Labs, dYdX Trading and the Ripple Labs. He also has a experience in investments from his time he used to work at BlackRock.

Chetty’s appointment is interpreted as tactical maneuver aimed at sweeping the crisis and the labs’ further development. He is going to employ this leadership skills to navigate the company through these stormy waters keeping the company as a pillar of innovation with highest integrity in the blockchain sector.

Future Outlook

With this transitional phase, Eclipse labs will be at the center of attention as the community broadly will be following disclosure of any accusations and steps whether taken by the firm for revision of its own values. With Vijay Chetty in charge, both laymen and experts alike are anticipating that the company will stand the test of time and take the Ethereum layer-2 through to the next phase.

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