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$2.41 T
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$2.41 T

WEN: Cat-themed memecoin on Solana network!

Wen 1

WEN, is a cat-themed memecoin on the Solana network. How can you get WEN, which recently participated in airdrop activities? Here are the details!

First Community Token Based on Fractional NFT’s (WEN)

The poem “A Love Letter To Wen Bros” on the project’s website has been divided into many parts, similar to Solana tokens. Each WEN token is equal to a divided fragment of this poem.



Pushing the Boundaries of Solana:

  • The first community token based on fractional NFTs
  • The first official launch on Jupiter’s LFG Launchpad platform
  • The first NFT minted according to the WNS NFT standard
  • Equal distribution to over 1 million active Solana wallets

WEN Foundation

The WEN Foundation is a group dedicated to contributing to the Solana community by supporting the development of public goods and further strengthening the message that is only possible on Solana.

The WEN Foundation’s first contribution is the “Wen New Standard” (WNS), an open-source NFT standard intended to be extended by all members of the community.

There is no team allocation or compensation for early contributors. With a simple distribution of 70 percent airdrop and 30 percent LP/strategic reserve, the primary focus is on giving back to Solana.


The total supply of the WEN token, which is 1 trillion, was planned to be distributed to the community through airdrop events. Seventy percent of the total supply was equally distributed to users through the airdrop.

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The demand period ended and 300 billion WEN, equivalent to 30% of the total supply allocated for the airdrop, was burned.

Of the remaining 30% segment excluding the airdrop, 20% are allotted for the liquidity pool and 10% are set aside for the treasury.


What is the Price?

As of March 5, 2024, the day this article was written, $WEN lost approximately 8% in value according to CoinMarketCap data and is trading at around $0.0002153. The market value is $136,067,815.

Where to Buy?

WEN tokens are traded on exchanges like HTX,, Kucoin, MEXC. If you haven’t registered on these exchanges yet, you can register through these links and get lifetime commission discounts.

You can get discounted tickets for the Token 2049 Dubai Event through this link.

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