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What are Ethscriptions ?


Ethscriptions are a light version of Ethereum NFTs. Over the years, the crypto space has developed the habit of inventing and reinventing itself through bull and bear markets. This cycle has been no different. Despite the challenges of 2022 and the billions of dollars in liquidity exiting the space, builders have continued to innovate.

The Ethereum community’s innovation was a defining feature of the previous crypto cycle. Decentralized finance (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) created significant hype and a flow of liquidity into the Ethereum blockchain.

What is an Ethscription?

An Ethscription stands as an innovation designed to facilitate the creation of on-chain digital artifacts. It employs a distinctive reference identifier to encode data within an Ethereum transaction. Unlike NFTs that rely on ERC-721, Ethscriptions are uniquely stored at the transaction level. In the realm of Ethscriptions, digital artifacts come into existence within the calldata of a transaction.

Calldata functions as a container for data that travels alongside an Ethereum transaction. Embedding a uniform resource identifier (URI) within transactional data is not a novel concept, though. Going back to 2016, there was an experiment involving the inclusion of a URI within Ethereum calldata. However, the spotlight has shifted to Ethscriptions due to their emergence, which gained more significant attention after Bitcoin Ordinals exceeded 13 million inscriptions.

Ethscriptions made their debut concurrently with Ethereum Punks’ introduction, illustrating the secure storage of digital collectibles on the Ethereum network. Just four days after the launch, the count of Ethscriptions soared to over 140,000.

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How to Create an Ethscription? is the online platform offering users the necessary resources to craft their very own Ethscriptions.

Choosing the “Create” option on the homepage guides users to a specialized page that simplifies the process of uploading an image for a captivating transformation into an “Ethscribed” artifact.

How to Transfer Ethscriptions? 

Transferring an Ethscription to another wallet involves a manual procedure outlined explicitly on the website.

  • Find the ID of the Ethscription you want to transfer. An Ethscription’s ID is the transaction hash of the transaction that created the Ethscription. It looks like this: Oxcdb372580242c1c1bbcd2914ddbdb609b33d2e2e163c6595e164cb4dc6665153.
    You can get this from Etherscan or from this site.
  • Send a 0 ETH transaction to the new proposed owner, including the Ethscription ID in the “Hex data” field.
  • After a few moments the Ethscription’s owner should update on this site, provided you were the owner of the Ethscription when you sent the transfer transaction. Unauthorized transfers are ignored.

The Path Ahead for an Ethscription

The realm of Ethscriptions holds various potential avenues. As an Ethereum innovation inspired by Ordinals, this technology has garnered initial interest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Nevertheless, its appeal might be a short-lived phenomenon, particularly during periods of low liquidity in the NFT and digital collectibles markets.

Furthermore, the durability of this model could face risks influenced by the Ethereum Purge release proposal. Yet, the history of crypto innovation has often rewarded early adopters. Only time will reveal whether Ethscriptions will be subject to speculative fluctuations or if the Ethereum community can craft a compelling and enduring narrative, challenging the status quo set by Bitcoin Ordinals.

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