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% 0.09
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$2.37 T
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60 / 100
$ 65.104
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% 54.2
Market Cap:
$2.37 T

What Can Happen on CRV and GRT?

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The cryptocurrency sector priced the Fed’s interest rate decision last night. The Fed interest rate decision, which had an impact on the direction of the sector, came as expected and removed the air of uncertainty in the market. However, two of the cryptocurrencies that sought direction in the market were GRT and CRV. What are the price levels in GRT and CRV? What awaits us in the market?

GRT Price Analysis:

While interest in artificial intelligence-based cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day, GRT also offered gains to its investors in its rally. According to CoinMarketCap data, GRT, which has risen over 4 percent in the last 24 hours, is currently trading at $ 0.39.


While the search for direction in GRT will be determined by Bitcoin’s movement, a positive divergence from the market can be seen in this area, with increasing interest in artificial intelligence-based interest and increased investment in this area by institutions. However, the resistance level in GRT appears as the 0.4 and 0.42 dollar band. The support level is 0.36 dollar level.

CRV Price Analysis:

According to TradingView data, CRV, which has risen about 1 percent in the last 24 hours, is currently changing hands at $ 0.67.

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While the support level in CRV appears as the $ 0.63 level, the resistance level appears as the $ 0.69 band.

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