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What is AscendEx Exchange? How to Register?

AscendEX Exchange

AscendEX (formerly BitMax) is a crypto exchange platform founded by Dr. Jing Cao in 2018. The exchange is based in Singapore and hosts over 310 different cryptocurrencies.

According to the current data, the AscendEX exchange has a trading volume of $147,009,122.78 in 24 hours. In addition to trading, the exchange also offers a wide range of services such as staking, margin, and futures.

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AscendEX Native Token

The local token of AscendEX exchange is ASD. Users can earn rewards on the platform using this token in various applications. The transaction fee reduction is also done with this token. The total supply is 780,615,274 ASD tokens and the circulating supply is 660,615,274 ASD tokens.

Exchange Registration Stages

AscendEX Exchange 1

  • After selecting the e-mail or phone number option, set a password and click on the [Continue] button.

AscendEX 2

  • In the new page that opens, you will need to enter a 6-digit verification code sent to your email address. After entering the code, click on the [Register] button.

AscendEX 3

  • Then, in the tab that opens, click on the [Identity Verification Processes] button.

AscendEX 4

  • There are two options for identity verification processes. To fully access the services on the AscendEX exchange, you must complete these two KYC verifications. Click on the [Verify Now] button for your KYC processes.

KYC 1 Exchanges

  • Once you have made sure that you have entered all the requested information correctly, click on the [Submit] button.

KYC Exchanges

  • Finally, your identity verification processes will be approved shortly after being reviewed.

Now let’s talk about some of the services that the AscendEX exchange offers to its users.

Through the Spot Market, users have the opportunity to trade with more than 300 cryptocurrencies. Also, there are options to quickly buy crypto using Google Pay or Credit card.

In Futures, users have the opportunity to leverage trades.

With the new Copy Trade feature, regular investors can copy the transactions of other users and thereby generate income automatically.

Also, users can stay updated with current innovations and developments through the Learn section.

AscendEX Homepage


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