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BTC Dominance:
% 0.09
Market Cap:
$2.37 T
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Fear & Greed:
60 / 100
$ 64.961
BTC Dominance:
% 54.2
Market Cap:
$2.37 T

What is Biconomy (BICO)?


Biconomy is a transfer protocol that manages transactions, gas payments, and bridges for also Web 3.0 applications through a multi-chain, Plug-and-Play method.

Users on the platform can benefit from smart contract wallets and also create private transactions on a single platform.

What Is Biconomy (Bico)?

For developers, Biconomy offers powerful and user-friendly Service APIs that allow the creation of decentralized applications (DApp) with a custom transaction flow.

What is Biconomy (BICO) Token?

BICO Token, is a token used for general business and governance purposes on the Biconomy protocol’s multi-chain transfer infrastructure.

What are the Uses of BICO Token?

1. Network Fees:

Node Operators pay a transaction fee with BICO$ to add any information to the chain and earn BICO based on the work they do on the network.

2. Incentives for Stakers:

Liquidity Providers, Node Operators, and additionally staking users earn BICO in exchange for the tokens they provide or the work they do.

3. Governance

Persons holding BICO$ tokens can vote on decisions affecting the Biconomy Protocol and the general network and can also propose different decisions.

Who are the Founders of Biconomy Protocol?

Among Biconomy’s founders are Ahmed Al-Balaghi, Sachin Tomar, and Aniket Jindal.

Ahmed Al-Balaghi is a graduate of Queen Mary University and an international Blockchain entrepreneur. He previously worked in a significant Chinese Blockchain company called Viewfin.

Of the other two co-founders, Sachin Tomar is an Indian Blockchain entrepreneur with a software engineering background, and also Aniket Jindal has worked on Blockchain projects in the United Arab Emirates.

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What Is Biconomy (Bico)?

Founders Sachin Tomar, Aniket Jindal, and Ahmed Al-Balaghi. (From left to right)

What Does Biconomy Protocol Offer?

Plug-and-Play SDK and APIs: Offers Service APIs that can be used in the creation of decentralized applications.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Support: While applications on Ethereum offer only an ETH payment option, Biconomy offers support for multiple tokens.

Gas Fees: The Biconomy Protocol offers users an experience without the need for gas fees, also thanks to its unique model.

Enhanced User Experience: With Biconomy, developers can provide their users with an improved experience in the decentralized world.

Decentralized Applications: Developers can seamlessly integrate their decentralized applications with Biconomy’s infrastructure to enhance scalability and usability.

Secure Transactions: The Biconomy protocol ensures that all transactions are secure, transparent, and also tamper-proof, providing peace of mind to both developers and end-users.


BICO has a total and maximum supply of 1 billion, and as of the time of writing, 66% of the total supply, in other words, 657,617,262 BICO tokens, are in circulation.

Token Distrubition

%38.62: Community

%22: Team and Advisors

%23.38: Token Sales

%10: Treasury

%6: Early Supporters


Who are the supporters of the Biconomy Protocol?

Additionally Biconomy has raised a total of 10.5 million dollars in investment from 26 investment firms, including major investment companies like Binance, Coinbase Ventures, and Mechanism Capital, across two funding rounds.


Where Can BICO Tokens Be Purchased?

You can easily purchase BICO, the native token of the Biconomy platform, from major exchanges such as BinanceGate.ioBitgetOKXBybit ve HTX(Huobi)

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