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What is BitsCrunch (BCUT)?

Bitscrunch Bcut

BitsCrunch (BCUT), DeFi, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and GameFi is an AI-based blockchain analysis network that provides rich data solutions, forensics, and predictions for secure and improved investment decisions.

BitsCrunch (BCUT) is a native service token that encourages contributors to the blockchain and the entire bitsCrunch blockchain data analytics ecosystem.

How Does BitsCrunch (BCUT) Work?

bitsCrunch, a data-focused platform that works in the form of forensics, flags such malicious activities using AI-based blockchain data analytics. The industry forces investors to spot the situation. This makes it difficult for the majority of investors who have intense programs. An NFT market, OpenSea admitted that 80% of the tokens produced through the free mint program were fraud, spam, or scam.

For example, if Starbucks released an original NFT collection and someone tried to copy this collection exactly and publish it as their own. bitsCrunch reports to Starbucks that someone is trying to steal their collections and could potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from it.

Bitscrunch (Bcut)

BitsCrunch built an AI-based blockchain analysis platform where individual investors can interrogate the blockchain for suspicious activity. The platform can warn them about detecting suspicious tokens such as copyrighted NFTs for a nominal subscription fee.

For example, DappRadar, an analysis platform leader in machine learning-focused NFT data analysis and price forecasting, covers the top 100 collections on several blockchains. The partnership with BitsCrunch provided 25,000 new collection data and multiplied the previous SEO by 1000. DappRadar believed it would provide more NFT coverage with more data and display more SEO pages, and it did.

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Data scientists Vijay Maharajan and Ashok Varadharajan founded bitsCrunch in Munich, Germany, in 2020 with their friends Saravanan Jaichandaran, Gopi Kannapan, and Ajay Prashanth. Ever since the company has continued to develop first-class AI-supported blockchain data analysis software, pulled in millions of dollars from top venture capital firms, and won dozens of prestigious blockchain awards.

BitsCrunch (BCUT) Tokenomics

The local cryptocurrency of the BitsCrunch blockchain, $BCUT, will have a total supply of 1 billion tokens and will distribute them according to the table below.



Bitscrunch Tokenomics
Bitscrunch (Bcut)

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Investment tool

All investment firms that invested their money in bitsCrunch during the seed sale stage will share a pool of 100 million tokens. Brands and others who invested during the 2022 private sale also shared a pool of 100 million tokens.

Network safety

The BitsCrunch blockchain uses authorized proof of stake, so the staking mechanism requires network delegates and validators to first stake tokens in order to protect the network.

Network Independence

Unlike most data analysis platforms, BitsCrunch wants to reduce its dependency on external blockchain tokens. This is particularly important if the company wants to democratize data ownership.

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Bitscrunch (Bcut)


2024 Q1

  • Mainnet Launch
  • More than 75 Operator
  • Contributing Roles
  • More than 100 Million monthly request

2024 Q2

  • Indicator Roles
  • Data enriching testnet version
  • 250M+ monthly queries

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BitsCrunch (BCUT) pre-sale has started on the Coinlist platform. You can visit our video on CoinEngineer Twitter Channel to get information about the pre-sale details.

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