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What is Burnt (XION)? What Does it Do?


Burnt (XION) is the first modular Generalized Abstraction layer designed to facilitate consumer adoption by providing flawless user experiences for daily users. XION’s Generalized Abstraction layer includes protocol abstractions across Accounts, Signatures, Gas, Interoperability, Pricing, Devices, Payments, and more. XION enables the development of next-generation projects that bring Web3 to mainstream audiences worldwide by eliminating all crypto complexities.

What is Burnt (XION)?

One of the fundamental features of Burnt (XION) is its Generalized Abstraction layer. This layer facilitates the full potential of blockchain applications for non-cryptocurrency individuals by eliminating unusual technical complexities. This is a user-centric approach that brings the power of the blockchain to the masses.

What is the Purpose of Burnt (XION)?

Burnt(XION)’s Meta Accounts allow for intuitive user experiences traditionally including various authentication methods, key rotation, account recovery, cross-device use, and more in Web2. This feature contains an essential purpose of making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly.

Burnt (XION) Innovations

Support for Verification Methods

Burnt(XION) provides a solution independent of the cryptographic curve that allows for the support of familiar Web2 authentication methods such as email and biometrics. This feature also extends support to cover all wallets beyond Solana, EVM, Cosmos.

Seamless Mobile Experience

With seamless cross-device support, Burnt(XION) brings the power of the blockchain to your pocket. Users can interact and transact anywhere, anytime, providing true accessibility.

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A Robust Ecosystem

Burnt(XION) has a robust network of developers, validators, and builders with over $11 million in funding. It’s paving the way to a seamless Web3 future.

To check out the website and access the Whitepaper, click here.


As Burnt, we have achieved much more than helping establish an ecosystem; we have helped build a network that exemplifies the potential of web3. Notably, we announced the launch of XION, a blockchain specifically created for consumers to adopt. XION has provided us with a place where we can contribute to the expansion and development of a network made up of the industry’s most groundbreaking projects.

In each partnership, we have a different approach to help XION reach its ultimate goal: making web3 technology more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Our growing ecosystem currently consists of projects in a broad range of categories, including but not limited to, wallets, on / off ramps, infrastructure providers, bridges, and Layer 1’s.



How was Burnt (XION) Established?

Although not having detailed information, Burnt was founded by popular founder and CEO Burnt Banksy.

Burnt (XION) Investors

It has raised investments from several giant projects like Circle, Axelar, Injective, Osmosis. Additionally, among its partners are companies such as Animoca Brands, Hashkey Capital, Huobi Capital.


Burnt (Xion) Investors

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