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What is Government Shutdown? How Does it Affect Prices?

Government Shutdown

The term government shutdown, which plays a significant role in recent US agenda, refers to the cessation or restriction of federal government activities for a certain period. This situation occurs due to gridlocks in the budgeting process or political disagreements and affects public services and the economy.

US President Joe Biden approved the interim budget bill that will prevent the federal government’s shutdown. Biden, less than an hour before the end of the fiscal year 2023, signed the bill that would finance the federal government for 45 days, thus preventing the government shutdown.

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What is a Government Shutdown?

To explain in more detail, a government shutdown is when the government ceases or limits its activities for a certain period due to the inability to set or approve a budget. During this period, it affects many services and activities of the federal government, federal employees cannot go to work, and it restricts or stops certain public services. Government shutdowns often emerge due to political disagreements or gridlocks in budgeting processes. These types of situations can have significant effects on economic implications and access to public services.

How Does it Affect Prices?

Historically, government shutdowns have generally led to declines and uncertainties in the stock markets. For instance, the government shutdown in the US in 2013 caused losses in market values and short-term declines in economic activity. Similarly, cryptocurrencies have also generally lost value and experienced volatility during such periods. However, the impact of each situation varies over time.

The longest government shutdowns

The inability to reach a consensus on the government budget is causing concern within the crypto community. Considering that the sector is still growing and is sensitive to regulatory changes and government decisions, many industry observers and stakeholders are concerned about its impact on the crypto industry.

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