% 0.02
BTC Dominance:
% 0.13
Market Cap:
$2.34 T
% 0.00
Fear & Greed:
53 / 100
$ 64.266
BTC Dominance:
% 54.1
Market Cap:
$2.34 T

What is Gui Inu? Where to Buy?

What Is Gui Inu

Gui Inu is a memecoin launched on the Aptos network. GUI Inu is designed as an unofficial community, utility, and social token that all Aptos ecosystem will use. It aims to support the endeavors and ideas of developers and creators in the Aptos community.

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GUI Inu (GUI) does not call itself yet another memetoken in the vast digital space of cryptocurrencies. However, our basic principle for GUI is to revive the interest it had during the main network launch of Aptos. It wants to do this by rewarding users in the Aptos ecosystem.

Why Did Gui Inu Emerge?

The team considering that the Aptos community needed a community token begins their work for the project. It emerges to support and unite creators, innovators, and developers in the Aptos space.

The creative team of Gui believes that the recent partnerships and technological advances made on the Aptos blockchain network are superior to rival blockchains. Therefore, GUI says it is here to clearly demonstrate among colleagues with delusional thoughts elsewhere that Aptos has one of the best ecosystems in the market. Despite emerging as a memecoin, they also state they are committed to supporting users with GUI in every development on the Aptos network.

Where Can Gui Be Purchased?

You can purchase Gui Inu memetoken with Aptos. For this, you need to connect your wallet to the Pancakeswap network and have Aptos (APT). Currently, GUI is trading at $0.00001867. The tokenomics of GUI are as follows:

  • Market value: $1,012,444
  • Last 24-hour volume: $204,034.67
  • Public supply: 54.44B GUI (Constituting 7% of the total supply)
  • 777.78B GUI

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