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What Is Kadena (KDA)?

What Is Kadena Coin?

Kadena Coin is a native cryptocurrency that using on the Kadena blockchain network. The coin has a symbol a KDA Coin. Kadena blockchain was designed for high-performance, scalable, public, and private chains. Besides, KDA Coin is used for rewarding miners and paying gas fees on the Kadena network.

The blockchain has compatibility with the Pact programming language and presents solutions for institutional usage. That’s why execution transactions using the Kadena network and smart contracts are occurring in the connection between them.

How To Work Kadena Blockchain?

Kadena Blockchain is a distributed database that provides data sharing between more than one computer.  The computers are named nodes. Hence, all data on the network are downloaded by the nodes to their own devices. Nodes’ working mechanism has a typical structure. They are downloading, verifying, and sharing data between own selves.

The blockchain is realized transactions with phases. Firstly, transactions are sent to the pool, and these transactions rollups in there. After that, they are sent as a block to the blockchain. They are collecting and waiting for verifying in there.

Kadena blockchain is a decentralized network. I mean, nobody can manage blocks and transactions. Every user has their own private key. And they are encrypting their own transactions using the key. That’s why somebody else can’t access the hash of the transactions and assets without these private keys. Additionally, nobody can cancel the transactions after verifying blocks.

At the same time, the Kadena blockchain network is supporting smart contracts. In this manner, smart contracts are programs that are mediators between 2 parties. Furthermore, they help the blockchain for completing transactions automatically. Moreover, the Kadena network can present dApp on its own thanks to smart contracts.

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Founders of Kadena Blockchain

Kadena is an American company that developing and improving blockchain technology. The company’s founders are Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino.

Right now Kadena’s CEO is Stuart Popejoy. He is a former software engineer. Popejoy worked for one of the biggest banking systems JP Morgan Chase. And then he was the leader in JP Morgan for blockchain studies. Furthermore, Stuart worked on developing Ethereum Classic. 

Will Martino is the current CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at the Kadena company. He worked for the Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. Likewise, Martino worked on inventing Ethereum Classic and QTUM blockchain projects.

They (Popejoy and Martino) founded the Kadena blockchain project in 2016 year. The project’s special target is developing blockchain applications for financial industries. Kadena is using the ScalableBFT algorithm as a consensus mechanism. That’s why the network presents more scalable and fast transactions as a solution.

Partners of Kadena

In there are available some notable projects as partners of Kadena. So, they are Chainlink (LINK), Cosmos (ATOM), R3, SIMBAChain, MorpheusNetwork, SiliconWalleyTechnologyVentures, Celo, Ledger, and Flux.

Tokenomics of Kadena

Distribution of Kadena (KDA) Coin is realized using mining and token sales methods. In this manner, KDA has a 1 billion total supply. 660 million KDA coins are raised for private, public sale, and community sales. The rest of the tokens will produce with mining methods.


How To Buy Kadena (KDA) Coin?

You can buy the coin from Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). The Kadena (KDA) Coin is listed on Binance, Huobi,, MEXC, Kucoin, OKX, ByBit, Phemex, AscendEX, CoinEx, and Bitget. If you want to get a discount (%10-%20), you can interact and use the link. Every exchange has a relevant reference link. 

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