% 0.13
BTC Dominance:
% 0.12
Market Cap:
$2.43 T
% 0.29
Fear & Greed:
73 / 100
$ 67.001
BTC Dominance:
% 54.3
Market Cap:
$2.43 T

What is MiL.k (MLK)? Which Stock Exchanges to Buy?

MiL.k (MLK)

The MiL.k (MLK) platform is a system that connects various sectors such as travel, entertainment, and lifestyle, allowing for the trading of reward points. In essence, it consolidates the services people receive in life into a single platform, providing significant convenience. Additionally, it is a platform that can be downloaded as a mobile application on smartphones.

What are The Benefits of Mil.k (MLK) Platform?

The MiL.k (MLK) platform offers various conveniences for both users and companies, providing additional discounts. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to earn MLK coins by buying/selling points on exchanges. Additionally, here are some benefits for companies:

Customer Pool Sharing: To attract user traffic, the MiL.k platform shares its customer pool with the companies using the platform. This allows companies to attract user attention at a low cost.

Incentives for Contribution: Companies on the platform can gain various incentive opportunities based on their contributions.

Partnerships: The platform ensures collaboration with global companies using blockchain technology.

Effective Marketing: Similar to customer pool sharing, the MiL.k platform collaborates in various marketing activities, offering an opportunity for effective marketing.

Founder and Partners

MiL.k (MLK), based in South Korea, was founded by Michael Kim and Kenneth Li in 2017. Additionally, the project has received numerous investments over time. Among its partners are companies such as yanolja, MEGABOX, keyinside, Daily Hotel, and more.

MiL.k (MLK)


The purpose of the MLK coin used on the platform is multifaceted, including integrating, purchasing, and converting points into cash. Additionally, the total supply of MLK coins is 986,245,419 MLK, with a circulating supply of 315,505,866 MLK coins. The current price is around $0.25, and the market capitalization is $78.9 million.

MiL.k Price by Cryptorank

Road Map

In 2019, the establishment of the Blockchain network and the creation of the MiL.k wallet were completed.
In 2020, platform services were launched. Additionally, the MiL.k (MLK) coin was initially listed on the Upbit exchange. Subsequent application developments were completed, followed by listings on Bithumb and Kucoin. Partnerships with companies like further advanced the project.
By the year 2021, it was officially listed on the Coinone exchange. Partnerships were established with companies such as Ambassador Hotel and Jin Air.
In 2022, it reached approximately 1.3 million users and announced a partnership with AirAsia. Additionally, it disclosed listing news on and HTX (Huobi Global) exchanges in the same year.
In 2023, it officially entered the Southeast Asian market. The MiL.k mobile application globalized, announcing new membership programs. Moreover, new exchange listings are expected.

MLK Coin Market Data

Circulating supply: 330.21M MLK
Total supply: 986.25M MLK
Max. Supply: –

Where to Buy MLK Coin?

The MLK coin is listed on several exchanges, including major ones like Kucoin,, HTX (Huobi Global). By clicking on the links provided, you can register on these exchanges at a discounted rate and engage in MLK coin buying and selling transactions.

MiL.k (MLK)


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