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What is Sei Network? Will Be Airdrop?

Sei Network (SEI) is an open-source layer-1 blockchain customized for trading operations. Promising faster transactions compared to other networks, Sei Network is on the radar of the crypto community. In addition, Sei Network is positioned as a testnet-rich project. In addition, Sei Network seems to be quite generous in terms of airdrops.

What Problems Sei Network Solves

As you know, every blockchain network has its own problems. Networks cannot solve all of these problems at once. Sei Network claims to solve these problems. In particular, DEX plans to solve the scalability problem with Layer-1 customized for trading operations.

Foundations of Sei Infrastructure

Uniquely Fast

This network, launched by Twin-Turbo Consensus, claims to be the fastest blockchain on the market. In addition to speed, Sei promises low network fees and efficiency. Sei Network’s motto is: Modern applications require modern performance and scalability.

User Focused Center

As an open source project, Sei puts the user at the center. That’s why the Sei network offers seamless interoperability, local pre-protection and multiple levels of transactional packaging.

Safety First

Sei Network attaches great importance to security. So much so that it is secured by many large organizations. In addition, it is said that everything is built from scratch to make the network secure.

A New Blockchain Design Space: Sei

Now that we know the basics of the Sei infrastructure, let’s talk about what it brings to the industry. Some of the features of this network are refreshing.

Changeability over Time

The Sei network was built with interoperability and language compatibility in mind. So as the industry and developers evolve, Sei adapts. Sei changes and evolves as it is managed by the community. The technology stack is also moving in the direction of what users want. Therefore, Sei technology is always up to date.


Sei, whose security is audited by large and prestigious institutions, attaches great importance to this issue. Also, as we mentioned above, it emphasizes that it was built from scratch because of the importance it attaches to security.


Sei is being built to support even the world’s largest applications at scale.

Zero Carbon

One issue that has been of great concern for crypto projects lately is environmental damage. Sei Network strives to be environmentally conscious and maintains a minimum margin of harm. Developing various methods in this direction, the Sei Foundation strives for a more efficient and harmless digital asset industry.


Sei Network promises unprecedented blockchain speed. In addition, Sei Network claims that security and stability do not decrease while increasing to high network speeds.

New Apps

Thanks to Sei Network’s optimization combinations, unique applications can be created. This is because the advantages of Web3 and digital property are many. In addition, Sei is empowering the next generation of developers and creators with its new design space in Web3.

Some Projects Building on Sei

Many projects have already started using the Sei infrastructure. Some of these projects are quite high quality. If we rank these projects; Axelar, Pyth, Sushi, Kargo and Nitro.

Comparison with Other Networks

Sei wants to stand out not only for its fast network operations but also for its other features. So let’s compare the Sei network with other networks, with information also available on its website.

Bitcoin: Transaction speed = 10 tps, transactional precision = 60 minutes, frontrunning prevention = none, processing style = sequential, sybil protection = PoW

Ethereum: Transaction speed = 20 tps, transactional precision = 6 minutes, frontrunning prevention = none, processing style = sequential, sybil protection = PoS

Solana: Processing speed = 10,000 tps, processing precision = ~2.5 seconds, frontrunning prevention = none, processing style = parallelized, sybil protection = PoS

Sei: Processing speed = 20,000 ops, processing precision = 500 ms, frontrunning prevention = FBA, processing style = parallelized, sybil protection = PoS

Supporters and Investors

Sei is a project that can get a lot of hype and investors and institutions that know this are interested. We can list the institutions that support and invest in this project as follows: Multicoin Capital, GSR, Flow Traders, HRT, Coinbase, Jump, Delphi Digital, Distributed Global, Stepn (Mable Jiang), Layer Zero (0xMaki), Yield Guild (Gabby Dizon), Frax (Sam Kazemian) and Sudo Swap (State).

What is SEI Token?

SEI Coin (SEI) is the network’s unique token and is used for administration and assistance. However, we can’t comment on the SEI coin because we don’t have coin information and distribution information yet. In addition, the Network does not have much information on CoinMarketCap. In addition, SEI Coin looks like a very promising project.

Will Sei Do Airdrops?

Sei blockchain said it will give special airdrops to those who participate in its testnet. With these airdrops, the Network Coin will be given to you. You need to do some transactions with the Sei Network wallet in testnets. Also, do not forget the Network bridge process. You can find our related flood here: (to be added)


The Network’s team information is not available on their website. However, we put the link to their LinkedIn page here for you. Let’s also add some team members here:

Co-founder Jayendra Jog

Co-founder Jeff F.

Head of Ecosystem: Dan Edlebeck

Road Map

The Network does not have any active roadmap information. However, you can check out their website and whitepaper to learn more about the project.

On the Airdropmuhendisi Youtube channel, we evaluated the possibility of the Network airdrop for you. You can reach the details through our channel. However, all the earning opportunities you can evaluate are available on our channel.

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