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What is SolarX Project?

What is SolarX

SolarX is an eco-friendly crypto project that targets to use of renewable energy sources while contributing to mining in the crypto ecosystem. Also, the project connects cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability.

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It is a fact that the crypto industry is growing day by day and the environmental effects of mining will increase. Therefore, SolarX has been planning to fix these issues. It presents innovative solutions for this problem such as scalability in mining. Besides, it aims to remarkably reduce carbon footprint by utilizing solar and green energy. Additionally, SolarX provides high efficiency and low energy consumption because of its focus on innovation.

What are the benefits of SolarX?

SolarX provides many opportunities for various companies and individuals. According to the whitepaper, its advantages can be put in order as below:

  • Zero air pollution
  • Lower gas fees
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Passive income opportunities

Furthermore, companies will benefit from renewable energy and low costs. Thus, they will profit from good income. Besides, we should know SolarX Mining Device. 

Solar X Mining Device


The SolarX mining device has been created to provide power to mining processes. It’s designed to utilize renewable energy sources and solar while mining. This device works on the greenX chain by confirming transactions on the network, and it gives SolarX coins to users. Some of the benefits of this device are eco-friendly, reduced energy consumption, and sustainability.

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What is SOLX coin and Tokenomics?

SOLX is a native token created by the SolarX project and SOLX will be used to buy mining devices, contribute security on the network, and get rewards for miners. Moreover, it is necessary for buying items on the game platforms, payment for cloud services, and more. The maximum supply is 700 million tokens.


  • Mining (280,000,000) 40%
  • Ecosystem (203,000,000) 29%
  • Locked (105,000,000) 15%
  • Team (56,000,000) 8%
  • Marketing (35,000,000) 5%
  • Advisors (21,000,000) 3%

The Roadmap

Solar X Roadmap


The Team

Rifat Citaku (CEO)


SolarX -arian-toplica-cfo-co-founder
Arian Toplica (Co-Founder)

Also, the Solar X Whitelist is current now. You can join Website, Discord, and Telegram.

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