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BTC Dominance:
% 0.31
Market Cap:
$2.57 T
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75 / 100
$ 68.361
BTC Dominance:
% 52.7
Market Cap:
$2.57 T

What is Supra Oracles? What Does It Do?

what is supra oracles?

Supra Oracles is a cutting-edge blockchain platform that specialises in delivering DeFi ecosystem and real-world data.

Supra Oracles emerges as a solution to liquidity and infrastructure fragmentation inside Web3. So they are aiming to resolve this with their product called IntraLayer. Also IntraLayer is an integrated solution framework that fully amalgamates the market and liquidity, stacked to serve as an interoperability center among unique chains and even old financial systems.

IntraLayer comprises the latest Supra’s tech products, oracles, VRFs, also bridging solutions, automation networks, and a smart contract platform. These features, combined with a common security understanding, allow for the easy movement of data, assets, and values between different blockchains.

What is a SUPRA Token?

Additionally the SUPRA Token is part of Supra Oracles’ latest product, IntraLayer. Supra combines Oracle, VRF, bridge solution, automation network, and smart contract platform to facilitate the flow of data, assets, and value across different blockchains.

The SUPRA token is an ecosystem token developed by Supra Oracle within ERC-20.So, if users make contributions to future projects within the ecosystem using the SUPRA token, they have the opportunity to earn rewards.

What are the Uses of SUPRA Token?

• Smart Contract : Can be used in transactions between contracts.
•Loyalty Program : Supra, can be used for rewards in the loyalty program for its users.
•Financial Payment : Supra Token can be used/won in future shopping transactions.

What are the Products of Supra Oracles?

Supra ORACLE: A decentralized oracle network designed to provide dApps on leading blockchains with the fast, accurate, and secure data flows and associations they need.

Supra VRF: A team created a Distributed Verifiable Random Function (VRF) service from scratch for blockchains. Also it provides results of unpredictable, impartial, and verifiable on-chain, with low latency.

Supra HyperNova: A bridge-less interchain communication protocol established to secure the movement of data, transactions, and also messaging between unique blockchains. It ensures secure interoperability across Web3.

Supra MoonShot : A bridge-less cross-chain communication protocol established to secure the movement of data, transactions, and additionally messaging between unique blockchains. It ensures secure interoperability across Web3.


Who are Supra Oracles Supporters and Investors ?

Among others, Coinbase Ventures, Houbi and MasterCard are part of a total of 154 backers . They managed to raise a total of 24 million dollars from their investors below.supra oracles

Who is the Founder of Supra Oracles?

Joshua D. Tobkin is the founding partner and current CEO of Supra Oracles. He completed his education at Drew University in the state of New York. He has previously participated in several projects such as UnityChain, Content Mutual INC, Social Climax, and FoodStems.



Supra Oracles Tokenomics

In the established tokenomics of Supra Oracles, additionally the total supply is 10 billion. Also the distribution of these tokens allocates 21% to block rewards, 17% to the foundation, 16% to the team, 11% to the ecosystem fund, and labels 35% as other. According to data in the pre-sale tab, we estimate that the first listing will put on the market an amount ranging between 150 million and 200 million.

supra tokenomics

Supra Oracles Airdrop

Supra Oracles, considering its community, published an airdrop project under the name Blast Off. In this project, users can earn Supra Tokens by inviting their friends or get a Supra box by solving the questions given by Supra once a week.

Moreover, there are external tasks where you can earn stars and Supra by participating in various events. Also the amount you win from here will receive a 10% distribution with TGE in the first month, and we will distribute the remaining amount over 18 months at a rate of 5%.

supra airdrop

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