% 0.16
BTC Dominance:
% 0.12
Market Cap:
$2.43 T
% 0.29
Fear & Greed:
73 / 100
$ 67.183
BTC Dominance:
% 54.3
Market Cap:
$2.43 T

What is Tokenomics?

Tokenomics is a term that refers to important information about a cryptocurrency, such as how many tokens are available, how they are distributed, and what functions they serve. It’s something that investors in cryptocurrencies often consider before deciding to invest.

When a project has a well-designed tokenomics system, it is more likely to succeed compared to those that don’t. This is because a good tokenomics system helps build an ecosystem around the token. When new investors see positive results and research the project, they become interested and demand for the token increases. As a result, the token price goes up, which benefits the investor.


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Tokenomics provides detailed information about a project. It tells you how many tokens are allocated to the market, how much the project team will receive, and when/how the tokens will be unlocked.

By reducing the supply of a token, the price can be supported and pushed higher. This happens because when there are fewer tokens available in circulation, they become more valuable. Token burning is an important aspect of tokenomics that can help achieve this. Tokenomics also reveals information about token distribution, lock times, and areas where the token can be used. When these details are made public in advance, it shows that the project has good-quality and forward-looking plans.

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