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What is (YFI)? What Does It Do? is a platform that helps achieve the best yield among DeFi(Decentralized Finance) platforms.

What is (YFI) (YFI) is a DeFi protocol running on Ethereum blockchain. This protocol focuses on optimizing earnings on crypto assets and allows users to increase their incomes.

YFI includes a set of protocols operated with codes. APY data table shows interest rates in different lending protocols, while Earn offers users the highest interest rates possible by lending their assets.

Vaults include various investment strategies designed to achieve the highest return from other DeFi projects, while Zap enables users to save costs and workload by combining multiple transactions with a single click.

Users earn YFI tokens by locking their crypto assets into specific contracts on the platform. This method is part of a practice known as “yield farming”. Users are rewarded with more tokens by locking their crypto assets in DeFi protocols. has shown rapid growth since its inception and has secured a significant place in the DeFi ecosystem. This platform offers a range of opportunities for users to optimize their crypto assets and increase their income.

How Does Work? works with protocols distributed to the Ethereum blockchain and these protocols run on other decentralized exchanges like Balancer and Curve. Users expect these protocols to offer their services on Ethereum and fulfill the promised functions.

The platform’s main services, Earn, Zap, and APY, focus on allowing users to lend or trade their cryptocurrencies. Earn scans different lending protocols to find the best interest rates and offers those advantages to users. Users can benefit from the specified interest rates by investing their assets in

Who Created was launched in 2020 by an independent developer named Andre Cronje.

In particular, Cronje has indicated that he did not take any funding for the protocol nor did he reserve any tokens for himself prior to launching the platform. This separates from most other DeFi projects.


YFI is the cryptocurrency that manages the platform.

YFI owners can vote on proposals to set the rules that platform users must follow. A proposal must receive more than 50% of the vote to be implemented in’s code.

YFI Token can easily be bought and sold on Global Exchanges such as Binance, BitGet, Kucoin, Mexc, HTX and If you want to benefit from the discount link specifically defined for Coin Engineer followers, you can use our reference code by clicking on the exchange you want to register.

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