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Which word was searched the most in the year 2023 in Google?


According to the data released by Google Trends, users of Google heavily used the term artificial intelligence (AI) in the year 2023. This surpassed searches for the terms Bitcoin or Crypto.

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As known, in the year 2020, the words Bitcoin or Crypto were searched more than the AI word. However, starting from the year 2022, this situation has changed.

Which word was searched the most in the year 2023 in Google?

The searches for the term AI increased with the launch of OpenAI ChatGPT.

Currently, the Google Trend score for the term artificial intelligence is 91, while Bitcoin is at 22. This score indicates how much the gap between them has widened.

The reason for this is, of course, Bitcoin entering a bear market period.

Furthermore, according to comments on this situation, another reason is that Bitcoin is in a field that is relatively older compared to artificial intelligence.

Additional information: Bitcoin started the year 2023 at the level of $16,000. The price increased due to reasons such as ETF news and the upcoming Bitcoin Halving. Currently, it is trading around $43,400.

Bitcoin searches are most prominent in Nigeria, El Salvador, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Switzerland, according to the data. Additionally, artificial intelligence searches are more prominent in countries such as Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and Myanmar. You can see this ranking in the visual below:

Which word was searched the most in the year 2023 in Google?

According to CoinGecko data, the number of job seekers in the field of artificial intelligence has surpassed that of the cryptocurrency sector.

In the final months of 2022, ChatGPT was launched, sparking a tremendous job search in the field of artificial intelligence. Additionally, this situation left cryptocurrency job opportunities searches four times behind.


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