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Will Bitcoin Spot ETF Be Approved? Cathie Wood Revealed!

Bitcoin Spot ETF

Will Bitcoin Spot ETF be approved? Famous billionaire investor Cathie Wood assessed the probability of BTC spot ETF approval in her latest statement.

ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood announced that her hope for Bitcoin ETF approval in the United States has increased.

Wood stated that the “odds have increased” on this matter. Therefore, she demonstrated a positive outlook for the future of cryptocurrency investment products.

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ARK Invest entered the European market by purchasing a UK-based ETF in recent months. They also applied to the SEC in April in collaboration with Switzerland-based 21Shares to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF.

In Wood’s recent statements, she said, “If approved by the SEC, we hope to launch a Bitcoin ETF. We believe that the likelihood of approval has increased by partnering with 21Shares in the USA.”

Wood, who stated that regulators often cause trouble in such initiatives, noted that she does not expect a major problem for ARK Invest, which aims to offer more crypto products in Europe. Wood said, “According to my own feelings, it seems like there will not be any problem in this regard. However, we are still working with our partners with whom we are collaborating with the regulators.”

BlackRock’s application for a Bitcoin ETF had raised the hopes of cryptocurrency investors. The SEC is expected to announce its decision on the delay, acceptance, or rejection on January 10.

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