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Worldcoin Aims to Set New Data Protection Standards

Worldcoin 1

The Worldcoin Foundation has released an open source system that could increase the protection of sensitive information and announced that the iris codes generated when users signed up have been deleted.

The Worldcoin Foundation has released an open source system that can increase the protection of data created when users sign up for the Worldcoin project. “This system is available on the GitHub repository for any organization to use and aims to set a new standard for data protection, including the protection of biometric data,” he said. Worldcoin stated that the new open source system is based on secure multi-party computation (SMPC).

Worldcoin Foundation said that it has switched to the new system and in this process, it has deleted the iris codes previously collected by users who had their eyes scanned with Orb devices while signing up for the Worldcoin project. The Worldcoin project gives people cryptocurrency, or WLD tokens, when they sign up and get an eye scan to prove their personality and create a digital identity.

Secure multiparty computing (SMPC) is a type of cryptography that allows data to be distributed securely across different locations. “It can be thought of as breaking a secret into multiple parts and sharing it between different parties, which increases protection,” the Worldcoin Foundation said.

The Worldcoin Foundation also noted that, with contributions from technology experts from TACEO and Tools for Humanity, they have developed a new SMPC application that addresses the scale and cost constraints that have previously hindered others.

With this new system, it seems that the Worldcoin project aims to manage user data in a more secure and transparent way, thus gaining wider acceptance and attracting more users.

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