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Worldcoin Updates ORB Reward Plan to Increase WLD Supply.


Worldcoin (WLD) project, will switch its operator rewards from USDC stablecoins to WLD tokens on October 24, aiming to increase the circulating supply of tokens in the open market. It was stated in a post made on Sunday, “The WLD token was launched into the market with a little more than 100 million WLDs, which has a relatively low circulating supply”. “This is a step taken, aiming to establish a wide user network. A large portion of the WLD token supply will be distributed to new and existing users as user donations over the next few years to achieve this goal.

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Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, supports the Worldcoin identity verification protocol. This protocol utilizes an Orb hardware unit to perform iris scans for the purpose of identifying individuals and verifying their humanity. The company believes it has the potential to contribute to the wider crypto and artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystems in the community.

The project’s application allows users verified by the Orb, subject to suitable regulations, to claim WLD tokens. Orb operators receive payment in USDC tokens for each iris scan they perform.However, they have not disclosed the exact amount that operators earn per scan.

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