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8 Whales Dump Massive Profits on This Altcoin After Its Surge!


According to on-chain data, several cryptocurrency whales have cashed out significant profits following a recent altcoin surge. Here’s what we know.

Whales Take Profits on Tellor (TRB)

Data from crypto data platform Spot On Chain indicates that eight whales have executed profit-taking trades on an altcoin following its extraordinary price rally.

The data reveals that these whales sold off $3.56 million worth of Tellor (TRB) tokens after the altcoin experienced a nearly 100% surge in the past week.

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Analysts note that these whales had purchased the TRB tokens in early March through Coinbase at an average price of $80.2. They sold off their 82,849 TRB holdings at an average price of around $123, booking a 53.6% profit over a two-month period.

At the time of writing, TRB is trading at $133.

TRB has a history of making headlines due to its volatile price movements. Recently, Andrei Grachev, the founder of market maker firm DWF Labs, which was accused of market manipulation by Binance, had been making frequent posts alluding to the TRB price.

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