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Donald Trump Declares Himself the President of Crypto

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has declared himself a strong advocate for cryptocurrencies.

Speaking at a fundraising event in San Francisco, Trump criticized the Democratic Party’s cryptocurrency policies.

Highlighting the Importance of Cryptocurrencies
Trevor Traina, who served as the Austrian ambassador during Trump’s presidency, said, “[Trump] stated that he will be the president of crypto.”

During the event, Trump emphasized the importance of cryptocurrencies and expressed his support for the crypto industry.

The former president, who is set to run against Biden in the upcoming November election, criticized the uncertainties in Biden’s cryptocurrency policies.

White House Response

White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson stated that Biden supports innovation in the digital asset space but is also focused on mitigating the risks that new technologies bring.

“Over in an Hour”

While San Francisco is predominantly liberal, there are many crypto advocates in the area. Some believe these individuals support Trump due to his pro-crypto statements.

Jacob Helberg, an advisor to Palantir, mentioned, “President Trump made it clear that if he returns to office, the crackdown on crypto initiated by Biden and Gensler would end within an hour.”

Thursday’s event saw participation from executives of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, along with famous crypto investors Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Trump’s Crypto Advocacy Gains Attention

Trump’s strong stance on supporting cryptocurrencies has attracted significant attention from both crypto enthusiasts and political analysts. His promise to end the regulatory crackdown on crypto has resonated with many in the industry.

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