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Taiwanese Authorities Detain ACE Exchange Founder for Fraud

David Pan, Ace Exchange

One of Taiwan’s earliest crypto currency exchanges, ACE Exchange (2018), is facing a fraud case against its founder David Pan, for $10.7 million.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Scandal Unfolds

David Pan, founder of ACE Exchange, and six accomplices have been arrested by Taiwanese authorities on charges of fraudulent activities and money laundering totaling $10.7 million. The scheme involved luring investors through an offshore provider to deposit stablecoins into a service dubbed “Alfred Wallet,” ultimately leading to unauthorized cash transfers. Over 132 individuals reported being unable to withdraw funds, causing complaints totaling 342 million NTUSD ($10.7 million) and shedding light on the complexities of crypto currency regulation in Taiwan.

ACE Exchange Responds Amid Legal Challenges

In response to the scandal, ACE Exchange released a statement distancing itself from the implicated wallet service and emphasizing Pan’s departure from full-time involvement with the exchange in 2022. Despite the legal turmoil, ACE assured users of the platform’s normal functionality and security measures, ensuring its continuity and safety.

In addition, Pan is facing other legal actions that have nothing to do with the wallet service scam. These actions involve fake social media ads promoting cryptocurrency investments.

As ACE Exchange strives to maintain compliance and integrity, stakeholders closely monitor developments within Taiwan’s cryptocurrency industry amid an ongoing legal investigation.

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