% 0.15
BTC Dominance:
% 0.46
Market Cap:
$2.41 T
% 1.30
Fear & Greed:
74 / 100
$ 66.079
BTC Dominance:
% 54.0
Market Cap:
$2.41 T

Codyfight (CTOK) is Listed on Gate Exchange!


Gate io announced in its statement that Codyfight (CTOK) will be listed as of May 13. While Codyfight managed to attract attention day by day, Gateio shared the announcement that the cryptocurrency would be listed.

What is Codyfight (CTOK)?

Codyfight stands as a unique gaming platform where both artificial intelligence and human players come together. Rich in chess-like strategic depth, this game features dynamic battles against AI-controlled NPCs that constantly adapt and evolve. Whether leading Codyfighters into battle or diving into the excitement of programming AI robots, players will chart their own path to victory.

At the center of the game is Codyfighter, an awesome combat robot used by every user. With the ability to have multiple Codyfighters, each uniquely named and ranked, players can navigate a wide variety of combat scenarios.

In the vast world of Codyfight, rewards abound for those who prove their mettle in competitive fights, overcome challenges and conquer minigames. Here, mastery knows no bounds, as both human and artificial intelligence entities can dominate the battlefield. Through Codyfight, enthusiasts from all backgrounds can create AI bots using their preferred programming language to command their mechanical warriors.

Codyfight prides itself on being an immersive and captivating experience tailored to a wide range of players, and the best part? It is completely free to join, there is no registration fee. Every newcomer gets a default Codyfighter and a free CKey; additional robot access is also available via subscription.

Purchasing Codyfighters comes in a variety of ways: from direct purchases from Codyfight’s official store or marketplace to earning them through in-game victories and achievements.

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Traditionally, advancing in the game requires relentless involvement, a grind cycle that can consume players’ time. Codyfight revolutionizes this by empowering users to pilot intelligent AI bots capable of autonomous gaming. While developers benefit from their expertise by offering these bots for sale or rent, other players can also take advantage of accessing source codes or leveraging pre-existing bot groups.

The community thrives at the heart of Codyfight, where active members find opportunities to host tournaments, run championships, and organize custom creative games and leagues. Friendship and competition intertwine in this vibrant ecosystem, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving gaming experience.

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