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AIOZ Network Partners with Alibaba


AIOZ Network has partnered with Alibaba Cloud to enhance AI, storage, and streaming services. Last year, Alibaba Cloud collaborated with NEAR to boost web3 adoption in Asia.

Together, they’re establishing a DePIN alliance in Southeast Asia. AIOZ’s native token, despite trading flat post-announcement, has surged over 200% in the last 30 days.

Utilizing Alibaba Cloud, AIOZ Network aims to advance its Web 3, AI, storage, and streaming services. AIOZ Network has emerged as Alibaba Cloud’s primary blockchain partner through its participation in the Innovation Accelerator initiative.

The native token (AIOZ) of AIOZ Network is currently priced at 90 cents, maintaining stability post-blog post publication. This marks a remarkable 200% increase in value over the past month, as per CoinMarketCap.

Additionally, the collaboration will lead to the establishment of a DePIN alliance in Southeast Asia. AIOZ Network, headquartered in Singapore, will leverage Alibaba Cloud’s cloud services to expand its ecosystem and enhance its infrastructure for Web3, AI, storage, and streaming.

Erman Tjiputra, founder of AIOZ Network, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration with Alibaba Cloud represents a significant step forward. We are excited to foster and support groundbreaking innovations from the next generation of developers.”

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