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Ankr Network (ANKR): Simplifying Web3 Infrastructure

Ankr Network (Ankr)

Ankr Network (ANKR) streamlines Web3 access through a suite of tools for deploying nodes, accessing APIs, and participating in staking across various blockchains. This guide explores Ankr Network (ANKR)‘s offerings, its role in Web3 infrastructure, and its potential future impact.

What is Ankr?

Ankr Network (ANKR) is a blockchain infrastructure platform that empowers users to:

  • Deploy validator and developer nodes: Participate in blockchain networks and build dApps without managing complex infrastructure.
  • Access API endpoints: Interact with multiple blockchains through Ankr’s readily available APIs.
  • Stake on various chains: Participate in staking on Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and others (with future integrations planned).

Ankr’s Role in Web3 Infrastructure

Web3, the next generation of the internet built on blockchains, relies on decentralized networks of nodes. Ankr Network (ANKR) simplifies node deployment and management, making Web3 participation more accessible.


  • Node Deployment:
    • Staking Nodes: Ankr Network (ANKR) simplifies staking on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains by eliminating technical complexities and infrastructure costs. Users can stake tokens and earn rewards without managing their own nodes.
    • Developer Nodes: Ankr provides instant access to developer nodes on various blockchains, enabling developers to build and test dApps efficiently.
  • Ankr Developer APIs: These APIs allow developers to interact with multiple blockchains, including:
    • Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
    • Ethereum
    • Polkadot and Substrate-based blockchains
    • EOSIO
    • OKExChain
  • Staking Platform: Ankr Network (ANKR)‘s staking platform addresses challenges associated with Eth2 staking:
    • High barrier to entry: Ankr eliminates the need for users to lock up 32 ETH by enabling fractional staking with as little as 0.5 ETH.
    • Long lockup period: Ankr offers synthetic tokens like aETH (Ankr ether) that provide immediate liquidity for staked ETH.
    • Governance: ANKR token holders can vote on proposals shaping the platform’s future.
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Custom Enterprise Solutions

Ankr offers pre-built solutions for enterprises, including:

  • Data analytics: Leverage on-chain data for building platforms like exchanges and marketplaces.
  • Node integrations: Integrate staking, trading, and custody services into your offerings.
  • API solutions: Develop CEXs, DEXs, and dApps using Ankr’s blockchain API endpoints.

Evolution and Future Outlook

Ankr Network (ANKR) has shifted its focus from decentralized cloud computing to Web3 infrastructure, providing valuable tools for various stakeholders. With ongoing development in staking, APIs, and node deployments, Ankr Network (ANKR) is positioned to play a significant role in bridging the gaps between different blockchain networks and fostering wider Web3 adoption.

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