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Anboto Labs Raises $3 Million!

Anboto Labs

Cryptocurrency Hong Kong-based Anboto Labs, which took a big step in the world, raised a $3 million fund and launched an over-the-counter trading platform at the corporate level. The company stated its future goals with the fund it obtained from big investors such as Kronos Ventures, Cherry Crypto, Mechanism Capital, XBTO and Matrixport, sharing this significant development.

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According to the statement, Anboto Labs received a total of $3 million in investment in the third quarter. It was stated that with the addition of these investments to the $1.9 million fund he collected last year, the company’s valuation reached $35 million. Guillaume Forcade, the company’s founding partner, said about this development, “We have been earning revenue since day one, and today we are excited to introduce our application platform to a wider audience of experienced traders.”

Anboto Labs announced that the newly launched platform passed through an 18-month closed beta period and recorded a transaction volume of $4 billion on 20 exchanges and blockchain networks. The company emphasized that it allows users to register without a customer recognition process, adjust multi-factor authentication, and whitelist their IP addresses securely while offering various execution algorithms such as TWAP, VWAP and iceberg to optimize the trading experience.

In the coming months, Anboto Labs announced plans to expand trading features such as OTC services with the aim of “democratizing access to institutional-level execution tools for all crypto traders.” This stands out as a significant step taken to increase the company’s interaction in the sector and make crypto trading more accessible.

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