% 2.11
BTC Dominance:
% 0.21
Market Cap:
$2.53 T
% 1.90
Fear & Greed:
76 / 100
$ 67.860
BTC Dominance:
% 52.9
Market Cap:
$2.53 T

Only 2 Attempts Left for Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

In the world of cryptocurrency, we all know that the majority of early investors put their money into Bitcoin, and people continually talk about the losses these assets incurred. Stefan Thomas, the former CTO of Ripple company, is one of those who went through this loss with his Bitcoin wallet.

In 2011, he made a video called “What is Bitcoin?” in a contest organized by Satoshi Nakamoto and won a prize of 7002 BTC. He then sent these BTCs to a highly secure the Bitcoin wallet called IronKey. This wallet has a feature that permanently deletes the Bitcoins inside if the password is entered incorrectly more than 10 times. Thomas, who lost his passwords, has already made 8 incorrect attempts and only has 2 attempts left.

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A firm called Unciphered, as a company aiming to recover cryptocurrencies, claims that it can recover the Bitcoin in the wallet that Thomas cannot access. The company tweeted an open letter to Stefan Thomas saying they want to help recover the Bitcoins in the wallet. Also, the company claims that they have successfully accessed these kinds of wallets before and have the technology to access passwords after 200 trillion attempts, exceeding the allowed 10 attempts.

Lastly, Thomas has yet to respond to this issue. This situation raises debates about the security and accessibility of cryptocurrencies and emphasizes efforts to recover lost assets.

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