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Apple in Talks with OpenAI for iPhone AI Features

Apple Openai

Apple is reportedly back in talks with OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence startup, about integrating its technology into new iPhone features. These features are expected to be part of the next iPhone operating system, iOS 18, which will be released later this year.

Talks between the two tech giants have centered around the terms of a potential deal and details of how OpenAI’s features will be incorporated into iOS 18. Sources, who requested anonymity due to the private nature of the talks, said this signals the resumption of dialogue between Apple and OpenAI. Earlier this year, the companies held preliminary talks about an agreement, but little progress has been made since then.

In addition to OpenAI, Apple is reportedly in talks with Alphabet’s Google about licensing Gemini chatbot technology. However, Apple has not yet made a final decision on which partners it will collaborate with for its upcoming AI features. The possibility remains that Apple will reach an agreement with both OpenAI and Google or choose a completely different provider.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated last year that he personally uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but also stated that there are ‘a number of issues that need to be resolved’. He assured that new artificial intelligence features would be introduced to Apple’s platforms’very carefully’.

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