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Aptos and Alibaba Announced New Partnership!

Tempory 47

Aptos(APT) and Alibaba are joining forces to establish Asia’s first Move developer community. The Aptos Foundation and Singapore-based tech giant Alibaba Cloud aim to increase Web3 accessibility in Asia.

The Announcement Includes:

“Aptos Foundation, the blockchain sponsor identified in Alibaba’s accelerator program, will provide ecosystem fund support and expert support to promising projects.”

“Aptos Foundation x Alibaba Cloud will collaborate on a series of hackathons and regional events to expand and strengthen the Asia-Pacific Web3 community.”

Aptos Foundation Ecosystem and Grants President Bashar Lazaar said:

“As the Aptos Foundation focuses on accelerating mass adoption in the APAC region, we look forward to partnering with Alibaba Cloud as the next step. We want to see and support game-changing ideas from tomorrow’s leading developers.”

Following the announcement of this partnership, the price of $APT rose from $7.28 to $7.52.

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