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Good News Came From The Stars Arena Team!

Stars Arena

Avalanche-based popular cryptocurrency social media platform Stars Arena managed to recover a significant amount of funds lost in a recent security breach. About 90% of the 266,104 AVAX stolen as a result of the attack has been successfully recovered by the platform.

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The Avalanche-based cryptocurrency social media platform Stars Arena announced that it has successfully recovered a large portion of the funds lost during the recent security breach. The platform managed to recover almost 90% of the total 266,104 AVAX stolen as a result of the attack.

According to the Stars Arena update, Stars Arena successfully recovered 239,493 AVAX in two separate transactions, each totaling 119,246 AVAX. This represents a significant portion of the total funds initially lost.

The recovery of the funds was possible as a result of a deal between the platform and the hacker. The hacker expressed a willingness to return the stolen funds and cooperate. In a message published on Onchain, the expression “I want to cooperate” was noteworthy.

Stars Arena agreed to pay a reward fee of 10% of the recovered amount in return for returning the funds. It also agreed to pay compensation for 1,000 AVAX lost during the recovery process at a bridge, which brought the total reward amount to 27,610 AVAX.

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