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$2.41 T

BEAM will be listed on the Korean Bitcoin Exchange!


Cryptocurrency exchange Upbit announced that it will list BEAM, a new digital asset in trading markets.


Important Information for BEAM Trading on Upbit

Upbit, one of South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its intention to list the new digital asset BEAM. This announcement has sparked excitement within the cryptocurrency community and ignited discussions about BEAM’s future potential. Upbit’s decision to support it trading in KRW, BTC, and USDT markets indicates that this new asset will engage with a wide range of investors interested in BEAM. However, users should be mindful that it may be listed under a different abbreviation, BEAMX, on other exchanges, while on Upbit, the original contract address for the token is stated as 0x62D0A8458eD7719FDAF978fe5929C6D342B0bFcE. These details are crucial for user security and ensuring accurate transactions related to BEAM.

It’s noteworthy that during the launch of BEAM, both buy and sell orders will be subject to specific limitations for a certain period. Affecting the initial trading experience of BEAM enthusiasts. Led by DAO Merit Circle, aims to revolutionize the gaming industry as a blockchain project. Leveraging the BeamNetwork designed on the Avalanche subnetwork, it seeks to create a rich blockchain gaming ecosystem that appeals to gaming enthusiasts and investors interested in this token. With the easy integration of Beam SDK and the inclusion of Sphere, an NFT marketplace specifically tailored for BEAM, the project aims to facilitate the trading of game assets and accelerate advancements in this field. These exciting developments underscore the dynamics of the cryptocurrency world and highlight the future role of it as an innovative player in both gaming and blockchain technology.

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About Token

It is a blockchain project related to gaming, led by DAO Merit Circle. It aims to create a rich blockchain gaming ecosystem using the BeamNetwork designed on the Avalanche subnetwork.

Beam SDK facilitates easy integration between games and the BeamNetwork and includes Sphere. An NFT marketplace for trading game assets.

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