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Gary Gensler Warns Before Bitcoin ETF Decision!

Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler, the figure responsible for overseeing the cryptocurrency world and deciding on Bitcoin ETF applications, issued significant warnings regarding crypto assets. Gensler stated:

There are some important points that those considering investing in crypto assets need to take into account.

➤ Gensler highlighted the risk of firms offering crypto asset investments failing to comply with existing laws, including federal securities laws. He emphasized that investors may lack important information and protections when investing in such assets.

➤ Additionally, he pointed out that investments in crypto assets carry significant risks and are highly volatile. Reminding of past instances where major platforms and crypto assets went bankrupt or lost value, he emphasized that investing in crypto assets still involves substantial risks.

➤ Gensler also drew attention to the presence of scammers taking advantage of the popularity of crypto assets to deceive retail investors. He noted that fraudulent schemes such as fake coin offerings, Ponzi, and pyramid schemes continue to exist, leading to an increase in cases where investors lose their money.

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Gensler’s warnings regarding crypto assets come at a noteworthy time as decisions on Bitcoin ETFs are anticipated. The agency is required to make a decision on ETF applications by January 10. The market considers the likelihood of the SEC approving these applications to be around 95%.

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