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Binance Announces Yield Feature for Web3 Wallet


Binance introduced the earning program for its Web3 wallet in a blog post. Users will now be able to participate in a program where they can earn money from Binance’s Web3 wallet. The statement made by Binance was as follows:

Binance Web3 Wallet Earning Innovation: Meet Yield Plus and Simple Yield!

Dear Binancians,

Binance Web3 Wallet is excited to introduce two new earning methods called ‘Yield Plus’ and ‘Simple Yield’. These new additions will allow users to explore more DeFi opportunities in the Binance Web3 Wallet Earnings section.

About Yield Plus Zone:

Yield Plus Zone is a feature that showcases projects that offer potential airdrops or additional earning opportunities. It allows users to easily access projects that offer multiple reward levels. Early projects include Eigenpie, Kamino Finance, Lista Dao, Marinade, Ondo Finance, Renzo, StakeStone and SolBlaze. Additionally, Binance Web3 Wallet will announce special offers through the Binance Web3 X account in future updates.

In the Simple Yield Zone, users can earn APR (Annual Rate of Return) with stablecoins and other tokens. This happens when users easily provide liquidity to lending protocols. Once they provide liquidity, users can receive both Supply APR and Distribution APR depending on the chosen protocol.”

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