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Robinhood Reducing its Staff!


Robinhood Markets announced in its recent statement that it will lay off 150 employees, equivalent to 7% of its workforce.

Last year, many crypto companies underwent staff reductions due to market downturns and bankruptcy proceedings. Adding to these actions taken to cope with challenging market conditions, the online brokerage firm Robinhood Markets announced its first round of layoffs in a while.

In an internal announcement, Robinhood revealed its decision to lay off approximately 150 full-time employees, constituting 7% of its total workforce.

In a company-wide message released by Chief Financial Officer Jason Warnick, it was stated that these cuts were made to “align with volumes and better align team structures.”

The company spokesperson did not confirm the layoffs explicitly but indicated that some changes might be necessary to “continually deliver operational excellence.” This recent layoff decision occurred within five days of Robinhood’s acquisition of credit card firm X1 for a deal worth $95 million.

In April, the company reduced staff by 9%, and in August, it cut 23% of its workforce due to shrinking profit margins and stagnation in stock and cryptocurrency prices. These two reductions led to the termination of over 1,000 employees.

Robinhood achieved its peak performance in the second quarter of 2021, with 21.3 million active users and revenue surpassing $565 million. However, recent reports indicate a 44% decrease in monthly active users and a 30% revenue decline compared to the previous year.

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