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Binance Increases Steps Towards Women


Binance has launched a new engagement campaign to encourage greater participation of women in the crypto industry. It includes incentives for joining crypto courses together with a luxury perfume named Crypto. The blockchain ecosystem and popular crypto exchange, Binance, announced its latest initiative that combines top-tier products with financial technology by launching a new luxury perfume, Crypto, to encourage more women to join the industry.

In line with International Women’s Day on March 8th, Binance’s female marketing leaders announced plans to expand the company’s inclusion efforts by targeting women with a marketing campaign featuring luxury perfumes.

The Crypto perfume was originally developed as part of the company’s “Crypto is Yours” inclusion campaign and Binance stated that this strategy was inspired by the beauty industry and challenged the traditional norms of the crypto space.

Binance’s marketing chief Rachel Conlan said:

“Drawing on my own experiences in the crypto industry, I see the exceptional contributions that women make to the sector. We call on all women: Don’t just watch. Break the glass ceilings, challenge existing narratives and be part of this digital transformation that will reshape global finance.”

Binance is spearheading a new initiative aimed at increasing women’s participation in the crypto industry: a luxury perfume named Crypto. In addition to this initiative, they plan to reward the first 5,000 women participating in beginner-level crypto courses with a $25 reward in Tether. Rachel Conlan, one of Binance‘s marketing leaders, emphasizes that crypto is universal and everyone has the right to join this field.

In past years, Binance co-founder He Yi advised women seeking to enter the crypto space to forget about their gender and focus on success in Web3. Binance, along with other crypto platforms, are taking similar steps to encourage and support female entrepreneurs. For example, crypto exchange Bitget has committed to providing $10 million in resources to women-led Web3 initiatives through the Blockchain4Her initiative.

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However, the amount of investment that women-led Web3 initiatives should receive is still low. According to a report by Bitget Research, only 6.43% of the Web3 venture capital fund between the first quarter of 2022 and the third quarter of 2023 has gone to startups led or created by women. This situation shows that gender diversity and inclusiveness need to be further encouraged in the crypto industry.

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