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% 0.31
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$2.57 T
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75 / 100
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% 52.7
Market Cap:
$2.57 T

Binance is Adding 8 New Coin Pairs to Margin


Binance (The largest cryptocurrency exchange) has announced 8 new trading pairs in margin trading for 7 different altcoins.

On October 30, Binance officially announced Acala, Aavegotchi, and VIDT DAO can be used as borrowable assets for cross margin trading. In addition, cross and isolated margin trading pairs are offered for Golem and Ooki and for Aergo respectively. Trading pairs have also been added for cross and margin trading for Gas (GAS).

Binance will offer the option of cross margin trading in USDT pairing to the present margin traders of GAS, GLM, and OOKI. Furthermore, the opportunity of isolated margin trading in USDT pairing will also be offered to AERGO users. Likewise, the option of cross margin trading in USDT pair will also be offered to the investors of ACA, GHST and VIDT.

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With this update, investors can now use the ACA/USDT, GAS/USDT, GLM/USDT, GHST/USDT, OOKI/USDT, VIDT/USDT trading pairs in cross margin transactions. Also, AERGO/USDT and GAS/USDT trading pairs in isolated margin transactions. Binance aims to offer its users more diversity and trading opportunities by providing these new trading pairs.

Adding these new trading pairs on the Binance exchange aims to increase diversity in the cryptocurrency market. It also offer more options to investors. This could make cryptocurrency trading more accessible.

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