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Binance Launches Funding Arbitrage Bot and Expands Spot Copy Trading Functionality


Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has announced two major updates: the launch of a Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot and the full rollout of Spot Copy Trading to all eligible users.

Binance continues to bolster its suite of automated trading tools with the addition of the Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot. Joining existing options like Grid Trading, Rebalancing Bots, Auto-Invest, and DCA, this new bot caters to users interested in delta-neutral spot and futures arbitrage strategies.

The Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot automates the process of capturing funding fees, eliminating the need for manual execution of separate spot and perpetual futures trades. It achieves this by opening a perpetual futures position and simultaneously hedging it with an opposite position of equal size on the same asset in the spot market.

Simplified Trading Management

Unlike manual arbitrage strategies, the Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot executes both trades concurrently based on user-defined parameters. This integrated approach simplifies management by consolidating everything within a single platform, eliminating the need to monitor separate orders across different interfaces. Users can also conveniently track bot performance within their dedicated trading bot wallet.

Supporting Positive and Reverse Carry Strategies

The Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot offers two deployable strategies to capture funding fees:

Positive Carry: Buy an asset on the spot market while shorting the corresponding perpetual futures contract to capitalize on positive funding rates.

Reverse Carry: Buy an asset on the spot market and go long on perpetual contracts to benefit from negative funding rates.

Availability and Future Developments

The Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot is currently accessible on the Binance website, with a mobile app release scheduled for May 30th.

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“We prioritize user choice and actively incorporate community feedback,” said Rohit Wad, Binance’s Chief Technology Officer. “This Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot empowers users who already employ manual arbitrage strategies by offering a simple and automated solution. Its user-friendly interface also allows more users to explore new strategies. We’re pleased with the positive reception to Spot Copy Trading, with over 700 Lead Traders registered so far.”

Spot Copy Trading Now Available to All

Previously launched in beta for Lead Traders, Spot Copy Trading is now fully available to all eligible Binance users. This feature allows users to replicate the portfolios of Lead Traders who have demonstrated positive performance. Notably, over 70% of active Lead Traders have achieved positive P&L since joining Spot Copy Trading, even amidst a volatile market that saw the overall crypto market capitalization decline by 11% in April.

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