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Solana’s ‘Chapter 2’ Pre-Orders Profit from Cat-Themed Memecoins

Maneki, Solana, Maneki Solana

The pre-order holders of Solana’s much-awaited mobile phone ‘Chapter 2’ discovered themselves in a pleasant surprise as the cat-oriented memecoins MEW and MANEKI started skyrocketing in value, for a short while even passing the price of the phone itself.

Unexpected Windfall: A Brief Profit Window

The holders of Solana’s ‘Chapter 2’ mobile phone pre-orders were surprised to find a perfect chance to make a good profit on their purchase. Airdrops were organized by the teams of two cat meme-coin projects, Cat in a dog’s world (MEW) and Maneki (MANEKI), to the wallets of pre-order buyers. At its height, the tokens from these airdrops were more than the first payment of a Chapter 2 unit which was $450.

MEW and MANEKI Airdrops: Calculating the Gains

On the 1st April MEW distributed each of the pre-order holders with 37,600 tokens, the value of the token reaching $0.0089. In the same vein, on April 24, MANEKI airdropped 5,199 tokens per holder and reached an all-time high of $0.269 the next day. With contributions from other memecoin projects such as WUFFI, which airdropped 114,000 tokens, pre-order holders’ total gains jumped to $480, exceeding the cost of the device and leaving $30 in profit, as evaluated by airdrop value checker

Fluctuating Fortunes: Memecoins’ Rollercoaster Ride

However, the price of the memecoins has dropped subsequently, breaking the initial ecstasy. MEW is now trading at $0.005768, while MANEKI is down to $0.02525. This instability highlights the speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market and the uncertain course of memecoins.

Saga to Chapter 2: A Tale of Transformation

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The development of the Chapter 2 phone from Solana’s first mobile device, the ‘Saga’, represents the changing face of cryptocurrency use. Firstly, many people were skeptical about the Saga, as there were some technical issues and usability problems, but the Saga was in great demand in December. The demand in this period grew due to the Bonk (BONK) memecoin rally that swelled its price by more than 1,100% from November 15 to December 15. However, the value left over from the BONK airdrop was $551 more than the price for which Saga had been sold, which was a great profit in the Solana’s mobile devices.

The meeting of cat-themed memecoins and Solana’s ‘Chapter 2’ pre-orders allows us to see the unforecasted and highly profitable character of the cryptocurrency market. As investors move through the erratic course of digital assets, they are ready to capture some opportunities that come, turning pre-order to what was a venture which was once very easy to make money on.

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