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Binance Marks Third Anniversary with Key Principles


Celebrating its third anniversary of founding in July 2017, the international cryptocurrency exchange is paused to consider the ideals and guiding ideas that have propelled its incredible expansion and success. By getting beyond challenges, coming up with creative solutions, and growing its community, Binance has continuously sought to improve people’s freedom of money everywhere. The organization proudly shares the fundamental principles that characterize its current goals and future aspirations.

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User-Focused Approach

One of Binance’s mainstays of business has been its steadfast dedication to its users. In order to protect user accounts and cash, offer outstanding service, and create products that appeal to its community, the company gives customer requirements and input first priority. Chief Executive Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is a prime example of this commitment; he spends about 20% of his time interacting with users on Twitter. Every day, operations and decision-making at Binance continue to be centered around this user-centric strategy.

“We view crypto as a fundamental means to increase the freedom of money. As such, we work hard to promote the adoption of crypto. All of our products and services contribute to that goal, and being user-focused is our key driver.”  Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

Resilient and Results-Driven

Despite several difficulties along the way, Binance has succeeded mostly because of its tenacity and enthusiasm. Adopting a hardline approach, Binance is dedicated to growing from mistakes, swift adaptation, and ongoing development. This results-oriented strategy has helped the business reach important benchmarks and stay at the forefront of the bitcoin market.

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Promoting Financial Freedom

Binance wants to use cryptocurrency to improve financial freedom. The internal procedures, goods, and services of the company are made to help with this objective. By using public platforms, Binance enables other companies, encouraging creativity and the creation of new goods. In-house, the business promotes an autonomous and responsible execution culture by encouraging its staff to take initiative and follow their ideas.

“We are a global blockchain company devoted to providing an inclusive crypto ecosystem and services, to increase the freedom of money for people around the world in the new era of the financial revolution.” – CZ

Integrity and Humility

Inherent in Binance’s operations are ethics, honesty, and humility. Transparency and honesty are important to the company, which also accepts responsibility for its activities. Binance has shown itself prepared to own up to and fix its errors in trying circumstances. This high ethical standard makes sure that the business stays welcoming and helpful to people in need, therefore promoting a sustainable environment.

Collaboration and Teamwork

The user-first approach of Binance depends critically on efficient communication and teamwork. Working with many blockchain industry stakeholders to accomplish common objectives, the organization promotes a collaborative atmosphere both inside and outside. Binance is committed to creating a strong environment that benefits the whole cryptocurrency industry since it believes that teamwork is powerful.

Looking ahead to three, five, and ten years, Binance is still dedicated to its basic principles. Binance wants to influence the direction of finance and make sure that its goal of extending financial freedom lasts by carrying on developing blockchain and cryptocurrency services and infrastructure.

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