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Bitcoin Price Prediction: $150K by September 2025?

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Veteran trader and analyst Peter Brandt has made a bold prediction for the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

In a recent report, Brandt forecast that Bitcoin could reach $130,000 to $150,000 by September 2025. He bases his bullish outlook on the historical impact of Bitcoin halvings and the potential for increased inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs.

According to Brandt’s report, the last Bitcoin bull market began about 16 months before the May 11, 2020, halving and lasted for about 18 months after.

Brandt points out that the two previous halvings, which occurred on July 9, 2016, and November 28, 2012, also exhibited similar bullish patterns.

From this perspective, he argues that the next bull market could peak in August-September 2025:

If this sequence holds, the next bull market peak will occur in late August/early September 2025.

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