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Bitcoin Supporter Tom Emmer Announces Candidacy!

Bitcoin Supporter Tom Emmer

Bitcoin Supporter Tom Emmer Announces Candidacy for Speaker of the House! Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer surprised many by announcing his decision to run for Speaker of the House following the unexpected removal of Representative Kevin McCarthy from the post earlier this month.

In making his announcement on Saturday morning, Emmer said his goal was to “bring the members together and get back to work.” He displayed a hopeful approach to the successes gained by the Republican majority in the House over the past 10 months, emphasizing unity and teamwork.

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Previously, Bitcoin supporter Tom Emmer, who had declared in his announcements that he would not seek the position of Speaker of the House but expressed interest in becoming the Majority Leader of the House, currently holds the third rank in the House leadership as the Majority Spokesperson.

Emmer is recognized for his support for the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin community. In his earlier statements, he emphasized that the future of the crypto community depends on themselves, as a result of the US Congress developing “solid, innovative regulations” and Americans safely embracing this technology.

He also argued that there is a difference between Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and cryptocurrencies, that cryptocurrencies are not “a government surveillance tool,” and that the US is not lagging behind China in terms of crypto, also saying “crypto provides freedom, it does not destroy it”.

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