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% 54.0
Market Cap:
$2.41 T

Bitcoin Whale Earns $3 Million in Profit in Four Days

Bitcoin Whale

A savvy investor made millions of dollars in just a few days by correctly reading the price movements of Bitcoin.

According to Lookonchain data: A Bitcoin whale withdrew 767 Bitcoin worth $45.44 million from the Coinbase exchange on May 3 when the Bitcoin price fell to $59,226.

Bitcoin’s price started to recover and rise again towards the weekend, partly due to the disappointing US economic data released on Friday.

Seizing the opportunity for Bitcoin to rise above $63,000, the investor transferred 767 Bitcoin to the Binance exchange at night. The value of these Bitcoins at the time of the transaction was $48.46 million. Thus, the wallet owner managed to make a profit of around $3 million in a few days.

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